[Coco] Re: Hard drive nightmare continues...

Leon Howell puritan_2076 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 15 19:02:39 EDT 2006

Leon Howell <puritan_2076 at ...> writes:

> I got the SuperDriver and was only dissapointed that it didn't come on a
> blue disk with a red & yellow label. But I guess silly marketing stuff isn't 
> necesary with real computers, just pea seas.

But you have to admit it would look kind of cool. just kep the disk away from 
> The drive, cable, controler, etc, work perfectly with RGB-DOS, so apparently 
> the problem is that the NitrOS-9 drivers are not finding the drive or 
> controller.

They still aren't.

> There are address jumpers inside the controller cartridge. What is the
> correct setting for them? 

Found them on cloud9tech.com. They were different. I changed them. It still 
doesn't work. And now I'm talking to my self on the internet.

Would not having a terminator cause this problem?

Somebody please help me.

I've got to run now.

They're coming to take me away.

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