[Coco] Hard drive nightmare continues...

Leon Howell puritan_2076 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 15 13:53:05 EDT 2006


I say that a lot don't I? Sorry, but this is getting a little old.

I got the SuperDriver and was only dissapointed that it didn't come on a blue 
disk with a red & yellow label. But I guess silly marketing stuff isn't 
necesary with real computers, just pea seas.

The instructions were incredibly simple. Make a backup, boot from it and 
format /s0.

And the computer locked up again. So please excuse me for repeating myself, but


Now I'd better quit that before the men in white coats find me.

My so-called brain is starting to work though. I suddenly remembered that this 
is what happens when I turn the computer on with RGB-DOS (I don't have HDB-DOS 
yet) with the controller plugged in but the drive off or disconnected. Turning 
the drive off under NitrOS-9 doesn't change anything.

The drive, cable, controler, etc, work perfectly with RGB-DOS, so apparently 
the problem is that the NitrOS-9 drivers are not finding the drive or 

There are address jumpers inside the controller cartridge. What is the correct 
setting for them? 

I was wondering about them specificaly because Mark said something about 
making shure the old RGB-DOS was conpatible with my Disto SC-1 6 or 7 years 
ago. Is there an address conflict somewhere?

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