[Coco] Gates of Delirium Commemorative Archive!

John Riddle jriddle at cablespeed.com
Fri Aug 4 15:20:34 EDT 2006

Hi Joey,
Thanks for your interest in the Gates archive.  It is the 
first of many more Coco related projects I have planned.

Right off the bat the only thing I can think of that could 
be the problem is the method by which you're recreating 
the disk image.  There's data on the disk that's not "tied 
to" the GATES.BIN file, so it won't work unless you 
recreate the disk sector by sector from the image.  If you 
just copy it, it'll crash with a "file not found" error, 
as the Diecom DOS is searching for additional files to 
load off the disk (from it's own directory).  The copy 
protection is totally removed, but it's not "broken down" 
to a single file.

Let me know if this fixes your problem.  If not, I'll pull 
out the Coco 3 and give it a try (I use mainly emulation).

Mike - thanks for announcing the archive to the list. 
 Here's a list of what's included:

- Original game and player disk
- Game with protection removed
- Game with integrated cheat module
- PDF manuals and support documents
- "Cast of Characters"
- Full Artifact Color Maps, HTML Based
- Maps connected via Hyperlinks (ie click on town to view 
town map)
- Animated icons reproduce game-like environment
- Individual map list included as well
- "Extras" including scanned images, game notes, etc.
- All technical info including raw source data, utilities 
used, etc.


On Fri, 04 Aug 2006 13:26:37 -0500
  Joel Ewy <jcewy at swbell.net> wrote:
> I've gotten the "fixed" version to run on Jeff V's 
>emulator, but can't
> get any version to run on a real CoCo 3.  Is this 
>expected behavior from
> these disk images?  When I LOADM "GATES", it doesn't 
> execute as advertised, but just drops back to the RSDOS 
>prompt.  If I
> then type EXEC, the floppy drive LED comes on and a 
>message comes on the
> screen saying "drive not ready", and it hangs.  I've 
>tried the CRK, FIX,
> and CHT versions.  Is this an issue of copy protection 
>messing up the
> disk image file?  I thought the CRK version had the copy 
> scheme removed.  Any ideas?
> Michael Crawford wrote:
>> To all,
>> Any fan of the Diecom Products game Gates of Delirium 
>>should definitely check out this link,
>> www.rep-tron.com/coco.html
>> It is an all in one archive (approx. 9Mb), that is 
>>everything Gates :) 
>> Thanks to John Riddle for this link and his additions 
>>to, and polishing of, the original Gates archive (which I 
>>don't think was ever hosted anywhere until now)
>> The original archive was created by Tim Lindner, Andrew 
>>Ayers, and myself. (Tim and Andrew deserve almost all the 
>>credit on this one, I was more or less an inspiration.... 
>>enjoying the magic performed before me by Tim and Andrew 
>>[and now John!], in resurrecting this classic coco game) 
>> Thanks,
>> Michael Crawford
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