[Coco] Newest Nitros9 and B&B

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Tue Aug 1 13:54:19 EDT 2006

leonard wrote:
> I just got omniflop working and transferred the latest image of NitrOS9 to a
> floppy to use with a real coco.  My next question is, where do I find the
> drivers for the Burke & Burke hard drive?  I found something called
> boot.burke that was located in the modules directory under 6309/level2.  I
> guess what I'm saying is that I do not understand what all the stuff is on
> the disk.  Is there a readable text file that explains what all the stuff on
> the disk is?  I did find something in the clock directory that appears to be
> for the RTC on the B&B board, but I think there are different modules
> depending upon which slot in the multipak you want to use.  Can someone give
> me a little help with this?
> Thanks,
> Leonard

There may not yet be any good installation docs for NitrOS-9 but you 
should check the site. The general assumption is that anyone switching 
from OS-9 to NitrOS-9 would have a fairly high knowledge of the OS-9 
system. However, now that the only source of OS-9 for the Coco is from 
the NitrOS-9 site, the docs need to be improved and they are being 
worked on.

Boot.burke is the boot module for use with a B&B controller. There ought 
also to be a module in the RBF directory for the B&B controller but 
there isn't. In fact there should be matching disk drivers for all the 
boot variations but there aren't.

Some of the drivers are available if you get the source code for the 
NitrOS-9 project and compile it. Some hard disk drivers are being sold 
by Cloud-9.

However, any hardware that you own should come with the needed drivers 
and descriptors which can be used when os9gen-ing a NitrOS-9 disk. You 
should not need the NitrOS-9 distribution to provide you with drivers 
for Coco hardware that you previously bought.

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