[Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] scanned vs. camera attempt 2

Mark Anderson rammdesign at msn.com
Sun Apr 30 16:37:38 EDT 2006

Wow.  The GIMPing work is great.  The camera2.djvu quality is completely 
acceptable and very exciting I might add that the camera shots are already 
done!   I am pleasantly suprised that the OCR is not half bad either.  This 
gets me "pumped".

My choice is #1.

1. This camera .djvu file is as good as the scanned .djvu file in picture 
quality and I would be happy with either one.

Since the GIMPing is automated, that means the djvu files with OCR could be 
ready for the final product in days if not weeks.  Am I correct in assuming 
this?  I'm ready to slap my money down to have it at that camer2.djvu 
quality right now.

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