[Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] scanned vs. camera attempt 2

Alan Jones ojones at elp.rr.com
Sun Apr 30 13:09:40 EDT 2006

Hi Michael,
The visual quality is looking good. I am using WinDjView 0.4.1 on my 
laptop. The only problem I am having on my end is when I copy and paste 
text. When I past text into Notepad or Word some of the text characters 
are being replaced with strange ascii characters. Is this something that 
I need to fix on my end? Thanks for your hard work on this project. I 
definitely want to purchase the license. Rainbow on disc will be a 
valuable resource.


Michael Wayne Harwood wrote:
> Hey all,
> I received an email offlist scolding me for trying to curtail open
> discussion - that's not my goal at all!  I just want to make sure that
> whatever other opinions and discussion is going on I get a good
> understanding of where the community is on this issue, whatever else they
> also may think...  I am looking for very specific feedback on this
> particular file, but I am not saying "do not say anything else".
> That being said...
> I spent some time yesterday Gimp'ing the camera images Greg provided me
> and have come up with another .djvu file for you to peruse.  I focused on
> operations that can be easily scripted and automatically applied to a
> batch of images.  The Gimp operations used were an automatic ajustment of
> the color levels, an increase of brightness by 20, and an increase in
> contrast by 50.
> I included OCR in this sample.  The orginal images are approximately
> 150dpi, and the OCR reflects that, although the OCR was not as terrible as
> I had orginally feared it would be.
> The .djvu file is saved in such a way that there is not foreground layer. 
> This is intentional and has made a huge increase in visual quality.
> So please accept my apology for the slow link from my web server (768
> upstream) and tell me the following about the link below:
> 1. This camera .djvu file is as good as the scanned .djvu file in picture
> quality and I would be happy with either one.
> 2. This camera .djvu file is not as good as the scanned .djvu file in
> picture quality, but for the sake of getting the project done sooner I
> would find this acceptible.
> 3. This camera .djvu file is not as good as the scanned .djvu file in
> picture quality, and I would rather wait for the scanned in version.
> http://www.musicheadproductions.org/downloads/camera2.djvu
> Regards,
> Michael Harwood

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