[Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] scanned vs. camera

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When I was scanning mag's (Anyone ever looked at any?) I used Jasc Paint
Shop Pro 8, now owned by Coral.

There were some auto adjustments scripts supplied.

For my activities I wrote scripts to do several operations on an images.

PSP 8 has the ability to apply a script to a batch of images which once you
get the operations tweaked it was very easy to do many images.

I just never found sequences of operations that did what I wanted so I ended
up not using them as much as I wished.

PSP is now up to 10 I believe and I am sure that the auto adjustments
scripts have been improved.

There were many people that were willing to help writing scripts then and I
expect there still are.

Just a possibility.

Stephen H. Fischer

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> From: "Michael Wayne Harwood"
>>>>  The brightness and contrast can easily be adjusted on each to make the
>>>> both appear identical
>> Can this be done with existing images,
> Yew betcha!
>>or would it require re-acquiring the images??
> Any digital image can be adjusted/dithered after the fact. Color balance,
> black level, white level, mid range, hues and anything that it needs can
> be done.
> The problem is that this all takes time. This is why I stated earlier that
> the Rainbow On Disk is too large to retouch all the scanned images.
> For old photographs, I can spend hours retouching just one photo. The
> cost(in hours) is prohibitive for the R.O.D. project.
> Michael, if you have one image you wish to enhance, I will look at it and
> let you know if I can do for you as a favor. Just send it to me via email.
> If I can retouch it in a reasonable amount of time, I will do it and send
> it back to you. Otherwise, I'll let you know that it will take too much
> time..
> The email addy in this message is legitimate.
> George
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