[Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] scanned vs. camera

George's Coco Address yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com
Sat Apr 29 12:03:42 EDT 2006

From: "Michael Wayne Harwood"
>>>  The brightness and contrast can easily be adjusted on each to make the
>>> both appear identical
> Can this be done with existing images,

 Yew betcha!

>or would it require re-acquiring the images??

 Any digital image can be adjusted/dithered after the fact. Color balance, 
black level, white level, mid range, hues and anything that it needs can be 
 The problem is that this all takes time. This is why I stated earlier that 
the Rainbow On Disk is too large to retouch all the scanned images.
 For old photographs, I can spend hours retouching just one photo. The 
cost(in hours) is prohibitive for the R.O.D. project.

 Michael, if you have one image you wish to enhance, I will look at it and 
let you know if I can do for you as a favor. Just send it to me via email. 
If I can retouch it in a reasonable amount of time, I will do it and send it 
back to you. Otherwise, I'll let you know that it will take too much time..

 The email addy in this message is legitimate.


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