[Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] scanned vs. camera

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Sat Apr 29 11:30:31 EDT 2006

>>  The brightness and contrast can easily be adjusted on each to make the
>> both appear identical

Can this be done with existing images, or would it require re-acquiring
the images??

The reason I ask is because all of the images have already be acquired
using the "camera" method.  A very nice genteleman named Greg decided he
wanted to archive all of his own Rainbow magazines and offerd them to me
if I wanted to use them in the project.  At this point he is at least 95%
finished taking the images and I would guess he is not planning on doing
it over.  He did tell me that throughout the process the images started
looking better as he adjusted contrast, brightness, white balance, etc.

Michael Harwood

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