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Wed Apr 19 01:49:20 EDT 2006

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> Is MS going to discontinue support for VB totally, or just versions 6 and
> older?  It's a great language when you have to construct a GUI interface 
> to
> your program.  Visual C++, OTOH, has almost no such support.  --Mike  K.

IMO, VB .Net is the flagship product. J#, C# and C++ are for those whiny 
people who insist on using their favorite languages. Some say C# is more 
powerful, but that's a personal choice.

VB .Net was written by C++ programmers and they've screwed it up. A lot of 
things are way more complex than they need to be and they are inconsistent. 
However whatever you use, everything compiles to the P-Code (IL) that MSFT 
has designed.

VB .Net is not as easy to learn as it was and should be. However it is what 
it is.

You can download all of these for free from 
http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/support/install/ which has images 
of the CDs. Get 'em while they're hot!

Yes, VB 6 programs run fine on XP etc.


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