[Coco] Rita heading towards CoCo3.com and ramblings from me...

George Ramsower Yahoo at DVDPlayersOnly.com
Wed Sep 21 21:59:01 EDT 2005

Listen Up!

 I'm rambling here... but it leads into coco stuff.

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From: "Dave Kelly" <daveekelly at earthlink.net>

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> Here in Todd Mission, our biggest concern is a power outage.


>  Since we are a bunch of old hippies, if the lights go out, when it get 
> dark we'll just make love.
> Dave

Sounds like you are tired of the "Hippy" thing. :-)

 I'm about thirty miles north of San Antonio, live in a small mobile home 
with no way to tie it down right now.

 I DO have a generator and water. Food isn't an issue in the country. 
Gasoline and propane are VERY important out here.

 My ONLY concern is the wind. Can't flood here, unless a dam in the sky 
drops a trillion cubic yards of water (suddenly) on top of the hill just 
north east of here.

 If it starts looking bad, I will take the coco's "backup" hard drive and 
all my CD backups for this doze box, along with the usual emergency 
supplies... My truck and camper, extra butane and water.


 Ugh!  Maybe I should put some floppies in that mix. I can only boot  the 
coco from a floppy.

 Maybe I need a new ROM for my coco. >> Boot from the hard drive.

 This would simplify the whole thing a LOT! except for the fact that the ROM 
would be in the coco that went downstream.


 Right now, I have two SCSI interface cards. One is sealed for when the 
other one fails. I would be devastated if I lost the ability to access the 
info on BOTH drives.
 Over the years, I accumilated a LOT of stuff with my coco.
 I have been saving things from Compuserve, BBS systems and sources I can't 
remember , since I first got ONLINE at 300 baud.  I can't imagine how I 
could transfer all this stuff into this XPdoz box. The serial port is WAY 
too slow to do that.
 I don't have a SCSI card for this PC. If I did, I'm sure there isn't any 
software to allow me so use an OS9 hard drive....... yes?



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