[Coco] Rita heading towards CoCo3.com :)

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jdaggett at gate.net wrote:

>More likely a class 2 or 1 if that strong by the time it reaches the 
>Dallas area. If you are north of I 20 and in an area that is prone to 
>flooding then you may have problems. 
>Most likely it will be a class 4 when it hits the coast. Where you are 
>is most likely a problem of wind gusts downing power lines and 
>trees. Coastal Bayou country of Texas is in real danger of storm 
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>>I'll be brief in this letter and just say that as a Texas resident
>>now, I am in Rita's projected path.  I'll be moving my kids into
>>Louisiana until Monday night but I will stay through the weekend.
>>Keep in mind that I'm off of I-20 which is in East Texas an hour from
>>Shreveport, so it will probably be a class 3 or 2 by the time it
>>reaches here?  I had to say something because I made a wise crack at
>>Boisy when Katrina was heading his way and now I'm wearing his shoes.
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Reading the NOAA tracking forcast it looks like Ritas eye will be in the 
El Campo - Wharton area Sat am.  Later that day it should pass a hundred 
miles to the west of me if present conditions/forcast hold. 

I am 6 miles south of Plantersville which is half way between Hempstead 
and Conroe on US 105.  Wind gusts here are predicted to be between 35 
and 60 mph.  Enough to cause some of the older trees to come down.

Houston and surrounding area is in a panic. They actually fighting in 
Wal-Mart in Tomball over water last night. Blood all over the floor.  As 
reported on the radio this afternoon, one of the evacuation routes speed 
was 6 mph.

Here in Todd Mission, our biggest concern is a power outage. So we are 
stocking up on water filters and bottling our own water. Since we are a 
bunch of old hippies, if the lights go out, when it get dark we'll just 
make love.


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