[Coco]The Best Monitor for a CoCo 3 is a TV. (Really!)

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at MindSpring.com
Tue Sep 6 03:38:34 EDT 2005


If you wish to spend most money but very little work, the Eval board I use
is quite pricey. AD723. The current price from the AD web site is in my
original posting.

It just does not compare with the ~ $7 price of just the AD72x. Add a few
resisters and caps for a few dollars plus connectors and you have a very low
cost compared to the ~$70 or more for the ready built board with cables.
After the surf board its very easy to build.

As I said in the message any of the AD72x series chips will work in my
option. All in the series require for the CoCo 3 the same parts.

I would be willing to loan or perhaps sell the eval board if a replacement
with a AD724 or AD725 was built by me or for me with me doing the final

I have a color banding problem that might be solved with a later in the
series chip. That appears in the "MyHD" card in my HTPC only. The CoCo 3 is
NOT affected. May soon be not required depending on if or when I get a HDTV
display. It may be several years to tomorrow. I want one for possible CoCo 3
use after it is no longer needed for my Home Theater PC.


The files and my original message (Somewhat) is in the file Writers Cut.txt.

Stephen H. Fischer

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> Stephen,
> I am keenly interested in the CoCo 3 RGB->S-Video project that you  did.
> Your information seems to indicate that the picture quality is  comparable
> to that of the best Sony RGB monitor that can be hooked up  to the CoCo 3.
> 20" TVs with S-Video are cheaper than comparable VGA  monitors and can
> also be used with composite video, plus they have a  TV tuner so that can
> be used with a CoCo 2.
> Which AD eval board do I need to purchase in order to see this in  action?
> Boisy

That's makes 4 persons interested.

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