[Coco]The Best Monitor for a CoCo 3 is a TV. (Really!)

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at MindSpring.com
Tue Sep 6 03:01:08 EDT 2005


How could you miss it here, it appeared three times? Four with B.L.CoCo.

Yes that many. I wanted the starting post to appear in all lists
and there is no simple way that I know to suppress the dups here in the
CoCoList for Color Computer Enthusiasts.

Stephen H. Fischer

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> Stephen has a thread on bit.listserv.coco, The Best Monitor for a CoCo 3
> is a TV. (Really!). The first message contains info and urls of
> representative images.
> Boisy G. Pitre wrote:
>> Stephen,
>> I am keenly interested in the CoCo 3 RGB->S-Video project that you  did.
>> Your information seems to indicate that the picture quality is
>> comparable to that of the best Sony RGB monitor that can be hooked up  to
>> the CoCo 3.  20" TVs with S-Video are cheaper than comparable VGA
>> monitors and can also be used with composite video, plus they have a  TV
>> tuner so that can be used with a CoCo 2.
>> Which AD eval board do I need to purchase in order to see this in
>> action?
>> Boisy

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