[Coco] Why DECB is important to OS-9 folk.

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 5 03:36:57 EDT 2005

Far be it for me to actually start a discution about this, But as a newbe 
OS-9 and now Nitros-09, I am trying jsut to muddle through the manuals and 
PDFs. I have not had much experence with "command line" programs other than 
simple IBM Dos from my 486 days, then it was strait into "Windows for 
workgroups 3.11".
My point (or question prehaps) is that Is there a "simple" guide or 
toutorial for beginners to ether OS-9 or (better yet) Nitros 9? I mean i 
just can't go and by "NitrOS 9 for Dummies" book at my local store. I think 
a lot more DECB users would love to get into Nitros 9 if some sort of fun 
and easy Toutorials were made avalible. I know that we can just ask 
questions here or even to the development team, but it would be nice to 
actually have books or a website with screen shots and a step by step "how 
To" guide. If this were avalibe, I think maybe more people would be jumping 
into the programing of any the sides.
-Just my 2 cents
>You probably are right about the ratio of Disk Basic vs OS-9 users in 
>general. Hard to tell if the remaining active users are distributed that 
>way because the number is very small compared to that before Tandy dropped 
>the Coco.
>Based on what I've seen of messages the last few years, there is very 
>little interest in any kind of programming vs hardware tinkering. The main 
>interest of the remaining programmers seems to be either writing emulators 
>or in projects such as NitrOS-9. This is not what I'd consider writing 
>programs for the Coco.
>The amount of e-mail that proudly shows off a new program in Disk Basic , 
>OS-9, or machine language or asks for help creating a routine in any Coco 
>language is almost non-existent.
>There does not seem to be much point in worrying about how to run Disk 
>Basic programs under OS-9 or attempts to make OS-9 work like Disk Basic 
>until there is proof that anyone actually is writing programs of any kind.
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