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Well, if you are eliminating backwards compadability it's not a CoCo any more. You have to admit that there is a total different feel to the machine when running OS-9 rather than DECB -- two different personalities. Adding a third by having a totally different system with little or no backwards compatability seems like a waste to me unless it's being written for a specific purpose, like using the CoCo board as a controller for something (that's been done -- custom ROMs for controller use). If a re-write of the ROM is done I'd think eliminating, or rather not worrying about, CoCo 1/2 compatability is feasible, but compatability with CoCo 3 programs would be a must -- unless the ROM was customized for OS-9 only. 

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> Frank 
> I am not so sure that a rewrite can't be done that eliminates 
> backward compatibility. I think it can be done but as to how much 
> free space one gains is unknown. Secondly without the ADOS and  
> other sources to see what was done, it is a task that would be 
> reinventing the wheel so to speek. Yes a very entensive task for 
> one person to do.
> james

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