[Coco] Re: OS-9 as Replacement for DECB

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I am not so sure that a rewrite can't be done that eliminates 
backward compatibility. I think it can be done but as to how much 
free space one gains is unknown. Secondly without the ADOS and  
other sources to see what was done, it is a task that would be 
reinventing the wheel so to speek. Yes a very entensive task for 
one person to do.


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> 1. Art Flexser already improved DECB/SECB -- it's called ADOS. SECB
> was layered over ECB and DECB for two reasons -- backwards
> compatibility and the licensing agreement with Microsoft. I wouldn't
> worry about MS now because of size of market and age of code, but
> re-write to extensively and you'll give up compatibility with CC3
> software as well as older. For some that won't be a problem, but for
> most it will.

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