[Coco] Re: OS-9 as Replacement for DECB

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Fri Sep 2 18:33:36 EDT 2005

No doubt, a rewrite can indeed be done that eliminates backward
compatibility.  But, if your purpose is to PRESERVE backward compatibility
<grin>, you are screwed as far as saving appreciable ROM space.  The problem is
the lack of documented vectors, and the consequent and understandable practice
of ML software writers to use undocumented addresses scattered all over the ROM
code.  And, of course, there exists no comprehensive list of such entry points.
Getting ADOS to be as compatible as it is involved plenty of tracking down of
reported software incompatibilities and correcting them one by one, even though
ADOS was written as patched ROM code with a view towards being as compatibile as
possible from the outset.


On Fri, 2 Sep 2005 jdaggett at gate.net wrote:

> Frank 
> I am not so sure that a rewrite can't be done that eliminates 
> backward compatibility. I think it can be done but as to how much 
> free space one gains is unknown. Secondly without the ADOS and  
> other sources to see what was done, it is a task that would be 
> reinventing the wheel so to speek. Yes a very entensive task for 
> one person to do.
> james
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> > 1. Art Flexser already improved DECB/SECB -- it's called ADOS. SECB
> > was layered over ECB and DECB for two reasons -- backwards
> > compatibility and the licensing agreement with Microsoft. I wouldn't
> > worry about MS now because of size of market and age of code, but
> > re-write to extensively and you'll give up compatibility with CC3
> > software as well as older. For some that won't be a problem, but for
> > most it will.
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