[Color Computer] [coco] Hard drive driver and dd for Nitro9

George Ramsower Yahoo at DVDPlayersOnly.com
Wed May 11 00:05:05 EDT 2005

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From: Robert Gault

>You said load the driver. Have you tried putting the driver and
>descriptor in the boot file? If you are loading them after booting,
>exactly what is your procedure?

>Far as I know, there should not be a problem. There have been several
>versions of the Ken-Ton drivers and you do need to be sure that you are
>using the correct I/O addresses in both controller (jumpers) and driver
>because you could have a conflict with your floppy controller. The Disto
>SCII can conflict with the Ken-Ton so one or the other would need to be
>changed from the defaults.


 Keep in mind this is a working Coco. Floppies, HD, Com ports and a few
other things.

 Yeah, I did the NoHalt controller with the HD interface and it did
  I figured .. Why bother? Once I'm on the HD, I don't usually need the
floppy except for saving . Stuff that wasn't already on the HD was usually
downloaded from a BBS, now from this XP box.
 So the NoHalt controller went into another coco that has only a floppy.

 When the original Nitros9 L2 2005 'fest version finishes loading, I then
load a SAVED version from my HD, a file with both the driver and DD.
 Then I iniz /h0 to make it work. Then I did the dmode thing to make it
match what DOES work on the original OS-9 L2 (after patches from many
years), including the ...
 Uh... the floppy driver that makes it do MS-DOS disks...

 Nitros9 loads and runs fine.

 The only time I got a head movement on the HD was when I used "tee zero
ess" in dmode. I then got the 246 error. The first 246 error was when I left
out one of  the descriptor variables, AND the tee zero mistake. Now I don't
recall what it was I didn't do the first time.
 Suffice it to say, now the dmode reports all the params that does the
original dmode. The Nitros9 dmode has more stuff in it, though.

 I'm booting from the original dsk image from Nitros9.org, only with the dr
and dd in the cmds directory, merged as one file. This method always worked
with OS-9 L2, after I initialized it and made sure the dmode settings were

 Once I've set it up, when I do a DIR /H0 .. the machine freezes. Since is
the original DSK image I'm booting from, I don't have another window to jump
to, to see what's going on. From another window, I could do a proc. I don't
know if I even COULD make that jump. So I'm in the dark here.

 I suppose I'm going to have to change STARTUP to run another window for
backup. Dang!  I love this O/S!

Yahoo DVDPlayers wrote:

> Nitros9/6809 works on my main coco, but when I load the ORIGINAL driver
> device descriptor for the Ken-Ton SCSI interface, it gives an error 247
> I try to access the hard drive.
>  Is this a compatibility issue with Nitros9 and the original OS-9 driver?
> so, is there a Nitros9/6809 driver and DD for this board?
>  Perhaps there's another issue I've not mentioned, but I haven't a clue
> it is.
>  Thanks..
> George
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