[Color Computer] [coco] Hard drive driver and dd for Nitro9

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 11 08:51:47 EDT 2005

George Ramsower wrote:
>  When the original Nitros9 L2 2005 'fest version finishes loading, I then
> load a SAVED version from my HD, a file with both the driver and DD.

This could be the problem unless it is a typo. If you load a file 
(hdrive) which contains the driver and /DD, you are setting up for a 
conflict with the NitrOS-9 /DD.

>  Then I iniz /h0 to make it work. Then I did the dmode thing to make it
> match what DOES work on the original OS-9 L2 (after patches from many
> years), including the ...
>  Uh... the floppy driver that makes it do MS-DOS disks...
>  Nitros9 loads and runs fine.
>  The only time I got a head movement on the HD was when I used "tee zero
> ess" in dmode. I then got the 246 error. The first 246 error was when I left
> out one of  the descriptor variables, AND the tee zero mistake. Now I don't
> recall what it was I didn't do the first time.

Not sure what you mean by t0s.

>  Suffice it to say, now the dmode reports all the params that does the
> original dmode. The Nitros9 dmode has more stuff in it, though.
>  I'm booting from the original dsk image from Nitros9.org, only with the dr
> and dd in the cmds directory, merged as one file. This method always worked
> with OS-9 L2, after I initialized it and made sure the dmode settings were
> correct.
>  Once I've set it up, when I do a DIR /H0 .. the machine freezes. Since is
> the original DSK image I'm booting from, I don't have another window to jump
> to, to see what's going on. From another window, I could do a proc. I don't
> know if I even COULD make that jump. So I'm in the dark here.
>  I suppose I'm going to have to change STARTUP to run another window for
> backup. Dang!  I love this O/S!

Here's what I think is going wrong. The NitrOS-9.org disk has /d0, /d1, 
and /dd in the boot file. /dd points to the floppy controller. You said 
(I think) that your hard drive file contains hdisk.dr, /h0, and /dd 
where your /dd points to hdisk.dr.

After loading hdrive and iniz /h0 you now could have a /dd conflict. 
OS-9 ought not to load the duplicate /dd but I'm not sure what actually 
is happening.

I suggest that the hdrive file contain only hdisk and /h0. If you still 
have problems, then try making a new boot file which includes hdisk and 
/h0. If you want /dd to point to the hard drive, then replace the stock 
/dd with a new /dd that has hdisk indicated as the driver.

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