[Coco] Re: Re: [Color Computer] King's Quest for the Coco

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 10 22:44:11 EDT 2005

There have been lots of arguments in the Coco newsgroup over 
"abandonware" and I don't want to start another one. The "double 
standards" if any are not mine. I don't have any control over what is 
part of the NitrOS-9 project and the legality of the entire project much 
less the "third party software" has been discussed by the NitrOS-9 
group. Profit or lack of it has no bearing on whether distribution is 
legal; just the likelihood of prosecution.

Clearly your point of view is at odds with many of the software 
developers on this list who value their work and want to maintain 
control over it. If you can find free software on the Internet great. I 
prefer not to distribute copyrighted material but will help others use 
whatever they can find.

Albert Stinger wrote:

> Robert are you one of the developers working on the Nitros9 project?
> you said:
>>"Robert Gault" wrote in message...
>>The real problem now is that, far as I know, KQ3 is still under
>>copyright and therefore ought not to be available on the Internet.
> I'm confused is there a double standard for this project and the rest
> of the people. If you look in the nitros9 project you will find King Quest 
> 3,
> King Quest 2, and King Quest 1. The complete packages. It's been there
> for a very long time and available too many downloader's. Is this a double
> standard or what? Just a little confused with talk of Copyrights and such.
> I could understand if someone was making lots of money from giving away
> old Tandy software and suddenly the CoCo was popular again, but I think
> you'll choke what little life that's left right out of the CoCo if you keep 
> on
> insisting on your double standards.

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