[Color Computer] [coco] Hard drive driver and dd for Nitro9

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Oops.. it's an error 246.
Anyway, as I mess with dmode, I see in Nitros9 there is T0S (tee zero ess). In MW OS-9 it's tee oh ess, TOS. It that an "Uh, Oh"?

I'll try again using tee oh ess and see if it works. UGH!


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  Nitros9/6809 works on my main coco, but when I load the ORIGINAL driver and
  device descriptor for the Ken-Ton SCSI interface, it gives an error 247 when
  I try to access the hard drive.
   Is this a compatibility issue with Nitros9 and the original OS-9 driver? If
  so, is there a Nitros9/6809 driver and DD for this board?

   Perhaps there's another issue I've not mentioned, but I haven't a clue what
  it is.



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