[Coco] [Color Computer] Tech Question Forwarded from the Coco3.com Forums

Mannequin* mannslists at invigorated.org
Sun May 1 08:27:48 EDT 2005

Someone who has just joined the Coco3.com forums has asked a bit of a technical
question, and I told him that I'd forward the question here so that there would
be a larger chance of an answer. :)

Here's the URL:
< http://www.coco3.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=86 >

Here's his post for those who hate going to those "awkward web interfaces." ;)

> Sorry to bother you guys with this, but I've been searching for an answer to
> this question for a few days. I don't know if other people have the same
> problem.

> I just dug my CoCo2 out of a box, to do some timing/behavior validation for
> the Daggorath PC port. The machine still works, and my original Daggorath cart
> still works (yay), but there's a LOT of noise in the video image on the TV I'm
> using. I'm connecting using an old RF adapter originally shipped with the
> Nintendo Entertainment System, and I seem to remember it working with this
> adapter before.

> Also related, I've had to open the case and re-solder a power supply fuse a
> few years ago. I think the noise problem was still there, I just never got
> around to trying to fix it. I don't think I disturbed any shielding, moved any
> foil or anything.

> Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it? If not, where should I start?
> I'm definitely not hardware-savvy -- soldering that fuse onto a huge hunk of
> metal made me nervous, so forget about fine detail work -- so I'm looking for
> some hand-holding.

> (In exchange, I might have some borrowed wisdom to contribute. Remember the
> sound effects for Daggorath? I don't follow modern Color Computer development,
> so I don't know: do people already understand well how to create sound effects
> like that? Maybe I could share some snippets from my copy of the Daggorath
> source, if it'd help anyone. I never took the time to understand that part of
> the source -- modern PCs can just play WAV files. :-) ) 

I'll try to keep up with this and give him the replies.


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