[Coco] [Color Computer] Tech Question Forwarded from the Coco3.com Forums

David golgotha at toughguy.net
Sun May 1 09:49:22 EDT 2005

Mannequin* wrote (on behalf of a member of coco3.com):

>>I just dug my CoCo2 out of a box, to do some timing/behavior validation for
>>the Daggorath PC port. The machine still works, and my original Daggorath cart
>>still works (yay), but there's a LOT of noise in the video image on the TV I'm
>>using. I'm connecting using an old RF adapter originally shipped with the
>>Nintendo Entertainment System, and I seem to remember it working with this
>>adapter before.
I recall when I had my Coco2 all those years ago, that any time I had 
noise or interference with the video it was to do with a dodgy RF cable 
or connection - oft-times I found the connection between the RF cable 
and the TV wasn't all it should be, and a giggle, blu-tack or wrapping 
of the cable around something to produce a connection at a certain angle 
(obtained by sheer voodoo) would fix it.. not sure if this'll help at 
all, but it was always the cable/TV connection for me!

- David

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