[Coco] Rainbow Bookshelf

Dean Leiber adit at 1stconnect.com
Sun Jun 12 03:46:05 EDT 2005

>Dean, I was wondering when you were going to pop up :)

Well I'm usually lurking about somewhere.
>For those who don't know it, Dean has done an excellent job of  
>scanning quite a few old CoCo magazines such as Metamorphosis, OSKer,  
>and the OS-9 Users Group.  I'm sure he can give valuable input into  
>this project given his experience.

Thanks for the kind words Boisy. Stephen Fischer has also done alot of 
work (esp. w/DPI vs image quality experiments as well as stiching 
together a tabloid size newsletter.) and could also provide valuable 
insight/tips about such things. I wonder when Stephen is gonna pop up as 
well ;-)

BTW, while I'm here I'd also like to thank Tim linder and Steve Ostrom 
for their contributions. Hmmmm, I'm sure I've forgotten someone (probably 
come to me later) but Thanks to them as well! :-)

>Dean, have you given any thought to making your scanning work available?

Well, Dennis is hosting some of it, but I think the size of the thing 
might be getting out of hand to expect Dennis to host all of it.  Anybody 
have a suggestion? Its about 5-6 CDs worth and growing. 

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