[Coco] Response from Lonnie Falk regarding licensure inclusions

George Ramsower Yahoo at DVDPlayersOnly.com
Fri Jun 10 18:55:53 EDT 2005

  >Lonnie said:


  That is correct. The 25 cent license fee you would pay for, say, the January
  1985 issue would cover whatever is a part of the January 1985 issue in
  whatever form you wish to deliver it. You could, for example, have a
  directory on a CD labeled January 1985 which contained:

  Scans of each page
  Text documents of each article
  Machine-readable code in whatever form you wished Separate scans of the
  artwork, even

  If I understand this correctly, we could lay this out any way we wish, as long as everything is there. So all the text could be OCRed. Links to images and program listings would be included.  Program listings could be categorized... etc. This is the way a GOOD PDF file is. I've seen some that the large images are included in the page. They are presented on-screen to fit the text. However,  you can zoom in on the image to get a decent view of the details. Even the text is perfectly clear because it's still text, and not an image.

  If the text is text, the images that are unnecessary are small, and important images are large, we could get a LOT of stuff in a small space.
  It's still going to take quite a few CDs to get it all in. 
  I think background is not a requirement, unless you can find a copyright on it if we include it, it would be in a thumbnail of the page. The background image would be quite legible in a thumbnail. Besides, thumbnails of the entire page would be a nice touch.
Whudduya think on this?

 I too, do not have a DVD drive. Only when my CD-rw drive dies will I get one. 
(tight finances prevent impulse buying)

 Too bad the HD on my coco is too small even for one CD. > 30 meg. Large enough for what I have or plan to have.

 All my Rainbows are not complete, so I can't help with the effort more than what follows....

 I'm going to watch for those REBATE CD stacks and see what I can find that brings them home free or almost free once the rebate comes in. I can donate those to the effort.
 Since this "rebate" thing is usually national, we could all do this and reduce the cost considerably.
 I'll watch my distributor's inventory for these rebates also. Sometime there's profit in buying at cost and collecting the rebates. Cool, huh?


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