[Coco] Response from Lonnie Falk regarding licensure inclusions

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Fri Jun 10 14:26:56 EDT 2005

Here's the response I received from Lonnie regarding what the $.25 per issue

Michael Harwood

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That is correct. The 25 cent license fee you would pay for, say, the January
1985 issue would cover whatever is a part of the January 1985 issue in
whatever form you wish to deliver it. You could, for example, have a
directory on a CD labeled January 1985 which contained:

Scans of each page
Text documents of each article
Machine-readable code in whatever form you wished Separate scans of the
artwork, even

And the license cost for that material would be a total of 25 cents. 

However, if that CD also contained material from the February 1985 issue,
then that would be another 25 cents.


Lonnie Falk
City of Prospect
"If I could only write, I'd send a nasty letter to the mayor, if he could
only read!" - Pogo

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