[Color Computer] OT [coco] Mac 512

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 2 09:10:53 EDT 2005

You also could turn it into a macquarium, there are kits and instructions 
all over the net for this. I, personaly have about 30 mac classics, that I 
plan to do this to "when I find the time". right now, they are just stacked 
and it is referd to as my wall of Mac's.
>On 1-Jun-05, at 9:20 PM, George Ramsower wrote:
> >   I've a Mac512 collecting dust.
> >
> >   Is there anything that can be done with this box? I think it
> > would be
> > kinda fun if there was an OS-9 (NOT Apple's OS9) that would run on
> > it. I
> > might then think on adding a hard disk to it.
> >  Otherwise, I'm thinking of finding a new home for it.
>Other than as a collector's item, they don't have much utility. You
>could fiddle around trying to hack the thing, it's a relatively
>simple computer as GUI machines go. The only difference from the
>original Mac is 4 times the memory. It's got a 68000 at 8 MHz, I
>think, Zilog serial chip, I think, or an emulation of one, a 400K
>floppy drive (single sided, double density, 3.5", I think that's what
>it's got, anyway) and of course the CRT at 512x384.
>I don't think anything but Mac OS runs on it. You might be able to
>run up to version 7.1, but I'm not sure if it'll go any higher.
>Besides, anything higher than that absolutely requires a hard drive,
>and even then, 7.0 in a base configuration still needs an 800K drive.
>If you want to relocate it, however, I might be in a position to give
>it a good home, but not for a month or two. I'd be willing to pay
>shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada.
>James Dessart
>Blog: http://skwirl.net
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