[Color Computer] OT [coco] Mac 512

James Dessart james at skwirl.ca
Wed Jun 1 22:08:11 EDT 2005

On 1-Jun-05, at 9:20 PM, George Ramsower wrote:

>   I've a Mac512 collecting dust.
>   Is there anything that can be done with this box? I think it  
> would be
> kinda fun if there was an OS-9 (NOT Apple's OS9) that would run on  
> it. I
> might then think on adding a hard disk to it.
>  Otherwise, I'm thinking of finding a new home for it.

Other than as a collector's item, they don't have much utility. You  
could fiddle around trying to hack the thing, it's a relatively  
simple computer as GUI machines go. The only difference from the  
original Mac is 4 times the memory. It's got a 68000 at 8 MHz, I  
think, Zilog serial chip, I think, or an emulation of one, a 400K  
floppy drive (single sided, double density, 3.5", I think that's what  
it's got, anyway) and of course the CRT at 512x384.

I don't think anything but Mac OS runs on it. You might be able to  
run up to version 7.1, but I'm not sure if it'll go any higher.  
Besides, anything higher than that absolutely requires a hard drive,  
and even then, 7.0 in a base configuration still needs an 800K drive.

If you want to relocate it, however, I might be in a position to give  
it a good home, but not for a month or two. I'd be willing to pay  
shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada.

James Dessart
Blog: http://skwirl.net

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