[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] SDCC vs GCC 4.0 revisited - a little story

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Jul 19 20:43:16 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 19 July 2005 17:28, James Diffendaffer wrote:
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>> On Tuesday 19 July 2005 14:42, James Diffendaffer wrote:
>> >I need a beer.
>> Try a Rolling Rock Green Lite James, its quite lo-cal, and tastier
>> than one normally expects from a 'lite' beer.  I switched from MGD
>> to that a couple of months back as it makes it a wee bit easier to
>> keep my sugar tolerable.  The weight is also sliding off slowly,
>> the nearly 200 I weighed a year ago is now just under 170!
>> It also has a tolerable price.
>> --
>> Cheers, Gene
>LMAO!  Not exactly the response I was expecting.
>170lbs?  I haven't weighed that since I was a sophmore or junior in
>high school!  But then I'm 6'4" and I'd be skin n bones at that
> weight.

I wouldn't say skin & bones myself.  That should draw a whistle from 
the girls occasionally too.

Well, there was a time when I claimed to be 5'8", but that was like 50 
years ago, 5'6" is a lot closer today.  Gravity, 70 years and all 
that.  So at 170ish, I've still got a bay window to lose.  Another 25 
lbs might do it.  Helped somewhat by my having a habit of throwing 
around 80 lb bags of sackcrete every clear weather day as I rebuild a 
retaining wall that self-demolished after 35 years, with a lot better 
stuff.  I'm making my own blocks that weigh about 47 lbs each, hence 
the multi-tons of sackcrete all hauled into here by my 88 Nissan 
pathfinder 4wd with 201k miles on it.

Theres a secondary reason for losing the weight too, the sawbones 
handed me a glucose meter a year back, and I'm learning to just go 
hungry when the sugar is 130+.  It hasn't killed me yet, and there 
are times I know I'm feeling better.  Today isn't one of them though, 
I was working on my micromill, which weighs about 150 lbs, on a table 
outside the shop, and when the rain came I had it assembled already 
so I picked it up in one piece and carried it in and set it back on 
the cabinet it lives on.  Its in the process of getting stepper 
motors attached to its major axis motions so emc can run it for me, a 
lot better than I can do by hand I expect.  Today I was rigging about 
40 lbs of springs on a bar above the column to support the head so 
that motor will have about the same amount of work going up as going 

But that 150 lbs was a bit more than my back is comfortable with, 

>And for the record... I like Rolling Rock, used to drink MGD... but
> I kinda prefer Corona and some of the micro-brews now.
I've sampled some of the local microbrews here, but can't get a taste 
developed for most of them.  They haven't been through the horse 
enough, or too much, can't figure it out. :)

Cheers, Gene
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