[Coco] [Color Computer] SDCC vs GCC 4.0 revisited - a little story

RJRTTY at aol.com RJRTTY at aol.com
Tue Jul 19 18:06:14 EDT 2005

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jdiffendaffer at yahoo.com writes:

 "Myself, why don't I look up the HC11/12 so I can see if I can add
 them while I'm doing this?"
 And myself says... "sounds like a good idea.  You can never have too
 much scope creep!"
 So I download the docs and look at the register model and I say to
 "myself... that looks kinda like a 6809 with one stack pointer"
 myself says... "yup, should be easy to support with the changes you're
 making" >>

      You know they have various medications for this kind of problem.......

.........Uh,  I'm partial to Zyprexa myself....    :p  


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