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If that were the case then Microsoft Windows would be a standard only 
because its popular (to a very small segment of the population)  :-)

as for me, no i won't take this personally but i would like to see it 
in pdf format for my own preferences.  :-)


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   I just tried the PDF compression tool you referenced and it did not 
make a
single byte of difference - the .pdf files I am generating must already 
as highly optimized as it gets!  DjVU still wins the size vs. quality 
hands down.

Having said that - I will most likely end up publishing in both 
formats, but
I am favoring DjVU in general at this point.  Please don't take this the
wrong way, but I am not as worried about backwards compatibility as I am
about supporting Windows, Unix, and OSX.  No offense to anyone, but I 
am not
going to lose sleep if you can't read these files on an Atari ST.

As a fun side note - I did find an older version of the DjVU client that
supports MacOS 9 at http://www.celartem.com/en/download/djvu.asp!!

Aren't standards called "standards" because lots of people use the
procedures and products?  Someone has to be at the start of it all!
Besides...perhaps we can push for a scratch-n-sniff client interface...


Michael Harwood

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1.  its still the standard, on Mac, Windows, and even Linux; heck there 
PDF readers for Amiga and Atari ST as well.

2.  djvu is still fairly new (when compared to pdf); for example, people
still use pdf even though Microsoft has its own ebook format?  Why?  
pdf is still THE standard.

3.  djvu might not work on older machines where pdf will (even my dos 

here is a FREEWARE pdf compression tool:


PDF COMPRESS - Reduce the actual size of PDF files by compressing text 
graphics. Compressed PDF files can be opened and viewed normally by 
Acrobat Reader all versions <SNIP>

This is just ONE of many free pdf tools out there.
fyi, i used the above program and it does work amazingly well.


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