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Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Mon Jul 11 03:01:16 EDT 2005

John E. Malmberg wrote:
> John R. Hogerhuis wrote:
>> But PDF is a popular open standard and there are free open source
>> software viewers. Short of civilization coming to an end, we'll all be
>> obsolete before the PDF format will.
> PDF is not an open standard.  PDF is a proprietary format of the Adobe 
> Corporation.  Adobe makes changes to the format at their whim, and 
> updates what they make public about it at their convenience.
> The Open Source PDF viewers are typically at least a generation behind 
> what Adobe is providing, and thus can not display all content.
> If something is to be distributed in PDF and is expected to be viewed on 
> platforms that Adobe is not directly supporting, then the author has 
> test each page on the other viewers.
	I can confirm some of this. A few of the PDFs I downloaded from the IBM 
site for the PowerPC 750GX can NOT be viewed by xpdf on a Mac 8600 
running Linux. And as far as I can tell there is no PowerPC Linux 
version of the Adobe reader (Acrobat).

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