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George Ramsower yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com
Tue Jul 5 21:19:08 EDT 2005

This angers me.

 I can't believe someone would do this to this group.

 As you can see, Lonnie has no idea what is going on here. Now he's 
confused, and wary.

 I have NOTHING to do with this project except for an opinion. I own only 
fragments of the "Rainbow Magazine" and I do not intend to contribute to 
this project other than BUY a copy of the results.

 Again I ask that people just stay out of the relationship with Lonnie 
Faulk, Governor/Rich Dude/Megalomaniac/Whatever !!

 Leave him alone, dammit !!


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Michael Harwood passed your note, quoted here, on to me and I asked him for 
your email to respond to it.

>  I believe an index of the contents of the magazines would not be part

> of the copyright that protects the magazines. An index of all the

> magazines is an original work and is not a copy of any material in

> those magazines.

>  I am curious to see a  copy of your query to Lonnie posted here would

> answer any questions we may have as to how you worded your question to

> him on this matter.


>  According to this email, I cannot make a list of magazines that were

> published during those years..

>  The database he was talking about is only a list of articles and

> whatever, without the content, if I understand his message correctly.


>  Anyone else have an idea on this?


> George

Now, perhaps I have it wrong, but:

As I understand it, you wish to duplicate (via OCR, typing in by hand, 
making an image of the material or otherwise) the index to issues of The 
Rainbow which was in the anniversary issues of The Rainbow. If that's right, 
you're wrong. The index is part of the material which is copyrighted. 
Anything and everything which was in each issue of the magazine is 
copyrighted. If you duplicate that, whether you sell or give it away, you're 
in violation of the copyright.

However, if what you are saying (it really isn't clear here) is that you 
intend to go through the individual issues of the magazines and construct 
your very own list (not the content) of the articles (or programs, or 
pictures of CoCo Cat for that matter) which appear in them, you can do that 
and you can do whatever you want with such a list, provided it is your own 
original work. I have heard of one federal court case from several years ago 
where the publisher, successfully, contended the actual titles of articles 
was protected. I think that's a little silly, even if it has support in the 
law. So, if you want to go through the magazines and index them yourself and 
use the actual titles of those articles, have at it. I'm not sure why you'd 
go to that much trouble since when Michael's project is completed the 
actual, original index will be part of it, but I certainly am not going to 
try to tell you what to do with your spare time.

In fairness to you, let me advise you that there were inadvertent errors in 
each of those indexes. They're minor, but it would be rather easy for me, or 
our editorial director - who I still see and work with on some other 
things - to discern the source of what you do. That is, if you were to 
compile an "original work" those errors wouldn't be in there. If it isn't an 
"original work," it would absolutely be a violation of the copyright.


Lonnie Falk

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