[Coco] partial OS9 boot from hard drive (back on topic)

Vern Burke vburke at skow.net
Sun Aug 28 00:11:02 EDT 2005

Ok, let me be clear. I'm not using anything to do with NitrOS-9 in my 
attempts to get the partial boot from hard drive working, this is stock 
OS-9 Level 2. The current version of NitrOS-9 from nitros9.org will 
absolutely not boot on the machine (I know better than to mix multiple 
problems in together if I can help it :)). This should work without 
significant problem with stock OS-9, then I'll try throwing something 
new into the mix. At least I know, at the moment, that OS-9 will run and 
NitrOS-9 will NOT run.

I mention being able to run the old version of NitrOS-9 from the 
original distribution floppy just as an answer to any suggestion that I 
don't really have a 6309 in the machine.


Robert Gault wrote:
> If your hard drive was loaded with OS-9 files, I don't see how you can 
> expect it to boot if you use a NitrOS-9 track34 and os9boot file but an 
> OS-9 grfdrv on the hard drive. You should be able to boot NitrOS-9 from 
> a floppy and read/write to/from your hard drive. If that does not work 
> let us know.
> If you want the hard drive to be a NitrOS-9 drive, you will need to boot 
> from a NitrOS-9 floppy, replace all critical OS-9 files on the hard 
> drive with the NitrOS-9 equivalents, and then you can try changing the 
> floppy init to boot from the hard drive.
> For safety sake, rename the hard drive CMD directory to something else 
> and make a new CMD directory with NitrOS-9 files. Also do the same with 
> cc3go in the root directory if you take it out of os9boot. If you can't 
> get things to work, then you can easily get your hard drive back to the 
> original state.
> Vern Burke wrote:
>> Mark:
>> <snip>
>>    Regarding NitrOS-9, I was finally able to tease what appeared to be 
>> a good disk from the dsk file (now that I understand which 
>> distribution file is supposed to be what)(disk and files all readable 
>> from stock OS9)
>> however it totally refuses to boot (after DOS command, simply drops 
>> back to OK). The machine runs stock OS9 fine, has a 63C09E, and 
>> completely fails to run NitrOS9 (but runs the old Gale Force version 
>> I've still got hanging around on floppy).
>> <snip> 

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