[Coco] partial OS9 boot from hard drive (back on topic)

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sat Aug 27 23:06:45 EDT 2005

If your hard drive was loaded with OS-9 files, I don't see how you can 
expect it to boot if you use a NitrOS-9 track34 and os9boot file but an 
OS-9 grfdrv on the hard drive. You should be able to boot NitrOS-9 from 
a floppy and read/write to/from your hard drive. If that does not work 
let us know.

If you want the hard drive to be a NitrOS-9 drive, you will need to boot 
from a NitrOS-9 floppy, replace all critical OS-9 files on the hard 
drive with the NitrOS-9 equivalents, and then you can try changing the 
floppy init to boot from the hard drive.

For safety sake, rename the hard drive CMD directory to something else 
and make a new CMD directory with NitrOS-9 files. Also do the same with 
cc3go in the root directory if you take it out of os9boot. If you can't 
get things to work, then you can easily get your hard drive back to the 
original state.

Vern Burke wrote:

> Mark:
>    Regarding NitrOS-9, I was finally able to tease what appeared to be a 
> good disk from the dsk file (now that I understand which distribution 
> file is supposed to be what)(disk and files all readable from stock OS9)
> however it totally refuses to boot (after DOS command, simply drops back 
> to OK). The machine runs stock OS9 fine, has a 63C09E, and completely 
> fails to run NitrOS9 (but runs the old Gale Force version I've still got 
> hanging around on floppy).

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