[Coco] partial OS9 boot from hard drive (back on topic)

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Sun Aug 28 06:03:38 EDT 2005


The files work. The details of getting a distribution setup. I do it 
all the time and it can cause some problems in the process and the 
tool kit required is a good one. My life on the coco is it. That is 
why I offer the free installation on the drive. I have spent more 
time on these two Email's than it takes to do the complete 
installation of the distribution. I don't have the time to support a 
free OS. The SuperBoard will require the same drivers for the SCSI/IDE.


At 8/27/2005 09:00 PM, you wrote:
>    It was just the controller (since I have/had a ton of SCSI hard 
> drives hanging around on the shelf). Unfortunately, the recent 
> disintegration of my business under extreme pressure and the loss 
> of almost everything I've worked for for the last 12 years leaves 
> me with no discretionary funds at the moment.
>    I don't believe this is anything that hasn't been done before, 
> but 99% of the question answer volume has been "buy something 
> else", so I'll probably just end up re-shelving things.
>    Regarding NitrOS-9, I was finally able to tease what appeared to 
> be a good disk from the dsk file (now that I understand which 
> distribution file is supposed to be what)(disk and files all 
> readable from stock OS9)
>however it totally refuses to boot (after DOS command, simply drops 
>back to OK). The machine runs stock OS9 fine, has a 63C09E, and 
>completely fails to run NitrOS9 (but runs the old Gale Force version 
>I've still got hanging around on floppy).
>    Maybe I'll bother pulling it back out when the SuperBoard comes 
> around (yes, I've got an outstanding deposit on a SuperBoard from 
> quite some time back).
>Mark Marlette wrote:
>>At 8/27/2005 08:50 AM, Vern Burke wrote:
>>Don't recall if you bought a SCSI system or just the controller. 
>>The TCC512 is no longer supported because it is replaced with SuperDriver.
>>If you bought a drive from me then it has a nitros9 directory in 
>>the root with the version you are running below it. Inside of that 
>>directory is a script and bootlist directory that builds the boot 
>>disks for you. If you didn't then you are probably finding out that 
>>$25 isn't to bad for a drive and a free installation. :)
>>If you have HDB-DOS then you will be able to boot directly from the 
>>hard drive at powerup.
>>Get to the current version of NitrOS-9,SuperDriver and HDB-DOS and 
>>you will have no problems. If not enjoy the challenge.
>>>OS is OS9 L2, the SCSI controller is a TCCC/Cloud 9 unit. The 
>>>driver is TCC512 and, yes, the working floppy boot contains the 
>>>driver and /h0 description for the hard drive. I sometimes wish 
>>>for the old days of my CoCo XT and the XT ROM.
>>>At the time I got mine, and as far as I know still, there is no 
>>>provision to boot this combination without use of a floppy, or to 
>>>load the boot track or os9boot from the hard drive.
>>>I certainly can just make the /dd descriptor the hard drive 
>>>descriptor, the problem is that the boot will not finish with /dd 
>>>set as working directory and /dd/cmds set as execution. The boot 
>>>finshes up /d0 and /d0/cmds and it's a pain in the butt because I 
>>>have to do a manual chd/chx to the hard drive.
>>>Robert Gault wrote:
>>>>Vern Burke wrote:
>>>>>Ok, we're straying way the heck off track here :). Lemme lay 
>>>>>this out again:
>>>>>What I have to work with:
>>>>>A working hard drive and SCSI controller with no support for 
>>>>>booting directly from the hard drive.
>>>>Why no support? What SCSI controller and OS? Do you just mean 
>>>>that you don't know how to set up OS-9 to boot from the hard 
>>>>drive or that your SCSI OS can't boot from the hard drive?
>>>>>A working OS9 boot floppy with /dd and /d0 as the floppy and /h0 
>>>>>as the hard drive.
>>>>Does this working floppy contain a hard disk driver (hdisk) in 
>>>>the os9boot file?
>>>>>All the standard disk manipulation tools (ezgen/etc, ded)
>>>>>The goal:
>>>>>Boot from floppy and finish with the hard drive as /dd, the 
>>>>>working directory set to /dd, and the execution directory set to /dd/cmds.
>>>>Just change /dd so that it is the hard drive. There should be 
>>>>substitute /dd modules on the NitrOS-9 80T disk or 40T disk 2 for this purpose.
>>>>>I will not/can not:
>>>>>Rewrite BOOT or any other module (I can patch where required, 
>>>>>not a programmer).
>>>>>Buy an RS-BASIC replacement.
>>>>Meaning what? Again, what disk OS is in use with your hard drive system?
>>>>>How do I get there from here? :)
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