[Coco] Someone might come to complain

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See, that's the first I ever heard of the problem was when paypal issued a 
complaint to me from him.  When he says backups, as if everything I sent was 
backups, He ordered several pieces of software 4 or 5 which were disk based. 
ONLY ONE had backups, the rest were all working originals as described with 
everything that they came with. For software on disk that's over 20 years 
old, that's pretty good.  Everything was original, the backups were used on 
that one piece of software because the original didn't work (and I sent it 
to him too so he could have it) right and I wanted him to have a working 
copy, so I had to hunt down a working copy and that took time.  I'm glad 
that he appreciated the time I spent to do this.  I offered more than once 
for him to return everything for a full refund and has he taken up my offer? 
Not once.  Still waiting on it. USPS does suck yes, but UPS is way too picky 
on the kind of packages it takes and I wouldn't be able to stay in business 
with them, not to mention they are now located 20 miles from me, and Fed Ex 
is even further from me.  I reuse materials which does save money and allows 
me to have the low prices that I do.  So, the post office won't insure the 
stuff?  Fine, send it back and I will honor it.  It's all up to you though. 
I have offered the solution to all of our problems more than once, it's just 
up to you to take it.

When you threaten me to go and post to all the groups, of course I'm going 
to go out and defend myself on the situation, Jim, what do you expect?  Me 
to just sit around while you smear my name?  I don't know why you won't 
return the stuff if you aren't happy and I'm sorry that I didn't get your 
previous emails but what am I suppose to do besides offer what I have 
offered? Also a thin cardboard box?   I recall using a regular box like I 
use with everyone else.  Is it possible that something happened to it on the 
way there and they  put it in a completely different box?  I don't know it's 
all just a mess and I'm sorry that I even did business with you because of 
the way you reacted without giving me much of a chance to rectify this. 
Just return it, and I'll refund the amount plus the shipping charges for it 
back, just be sure to return it as media mail as I did to you, because I 
won't pay for more than that.

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> At 10:49 AM 4/29/2005, you wrote:
>>Also, make sure you have your spam filters set lower when communicating
>>between buyer and seller.  I thought the seller was ignoring me when I 
>>to communicate with him, and it turns out that my spam filters kicked his
>>messages into the junk folder.  I thought the worst of this person till I
>>discovered that it was actually my fault!  Darn SPAM!
> Ah, the ole "you're ignoring my e-mails" problem.
> I've had this problem trying to talk to a few Portal-9 customers to send 
> them their key.  SPAM filters just plain suck. My own ISP catches a 
> tremendous amount of real SPAM, which is great, but they also catch real 
> e-mails and make me have to weed through their report e-mails to see which 
> e-mails are not junk.  It takes less time to just hit delete on the 
> obvious junk letters as they come in.
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