[Coco] RE: [Color Computer] Linux a cousin to OS-9

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Mon Apr 25 13:31:33 EDT 2005


Glen VanDenBiggelaar wrote:
> Sorry, for the extra "E", but my point is I try to support NitrOs-9 any way 
> I can. I just see supporting and buying from Cloud 9 is a way to do that 
> because you are involed with both projects. I am on the developer's e-mail 
> list, so I know who all the major  contributers are to NitrOS-9 and if the 
> all had "commercial" sites, I would gladly support those also. I just 
> disagree with working so hard on a project and getting no recognition for 
> it. I have seen this so many times in the Corprate work place that other 
> people get promted and recognition for your hard work. You must also know 
> that there probably are many people who have downloaded NitrOS-9 for free 
> and have never even considered supporting you (and all the developers) in 
> any way, shape, or form. They just got it because it was free.
> $800? I say yes, Is NitrOS9 worth money, YES (how much is alway the kicker, 
> though). But, always the cheapskates out there are going to want it for 
> free.
> just my 2 cents
> -Glen
	Isn't charging for NitrOS-9 risky, since it is based on a commercial 
product that capitalistically motivated companies own?


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