[Coco] RE: [Color Computer] Linux a cousin to OS-9

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 25 12:04:34 EDT 2005

Sorry, for the extra "E", but my point is I try to support NitrOs-9 any way 
I can. I just see supporting and buying from Cloud 9 is a way to do that 
because you are involed with both projects. I am on the developer's e-mail 
list, so I know who all the major  contributers are to NitrOS-9 and if the 
all had "commercial" sites, I would gladly support those also. I just 
disagree with working so hard on a project and getting no recognition for 
it. I have seen this so many times in the Corprate work place that other 
people get promted and recognition for your hard work. You must also know 
that there probably are many people who have downloaded NitrOS-9 for free 
and have never even considered supporting you (and all the developers) in 
any way, shape, or form. They just got it because it was free.

People then argue that a product (take Windows XP for example) by a major 
Manufacture is way over priced. They fail to take in to account the thousand 
of man hours to start writing the code, the the even more hours to debug the 
code, the market and advertising costs. Is a program like Photoshop worth 
$800? I say yes, Is NitrOS9 worth money, YES (how much is alway the kicker, 
though). But, always the cheapskates out there are going to want it for 

BTW Boisy, Just how many hours (quick estimate) in just the last year nave 
you worked on NitrOS-9 including e-mails, promotion etc. I know its a 
passion or a hobby, but OTOH a little recognition (and I don't alway mean 
monitary recognition) should be given to you and all the other developers.

just my 2 cents
>It's Boisy (to borrow Phill's expression) :)
>Yes, the idea is that NitrOS-9 is free and for everyone, and is in no
>way tied to Cloud-9, other than the fact that we sell copies for a
>small fee.  Clearly, anyone who wants NitrOS-9 may go to
>www.nitros9.org and download their own copy.  And the source code is
>open for everyone to see, so the project is transparent.
>I cannot say that the improvements to NitrOS-9 haven't in some way been
>related to Cloud-9 products.  Obviously, SuperDriver is only as good as
>it is because I was able to make changes to RBF and format, something
>that would have been difficult to do before.  But I believe the changes
>have made the operating system better.  Clearly, not having to go
>through the formula headache when formatting a hard drive is a big
>Boisy G. Pitre
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