[Coco] emulator speeds(was "Parts is parts")

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Fri Apr 1 17:21:28 EST 2005

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KnudsenMJ at aol.com writes:

<< Thanks for the tip.  ISTR trying to run Kiel's emulator on my Win98  box, 
 it blue-screened.  I suspect you have to boot into straight DOS to  make it 
 work. >>

      Nope,  you dont have to start it from a DOS screen or window but it
does switch to a DOS screen even if you start from a short-cut desktop
icon.     I suspect you had a problem with properties settings or
something of that nature.  I use Win 98 on all the machines I use to run it.

       That emulator is EASY and intuitive to use.   Sorta like the coco
itself was back in the day.    It comes with graphical representations of
equipment attached such as disk drives and MPI.   The disk drives
have the label of the floppy disk inserted displayed on the
graphic.   The multipak interface has the name of the cartridge inserted
(if any) showing in each slot.    Maybe I shouldn't say this too loud
but the cd or download comes complete with all the required rom images.
( I hope that don't get anybody in trouble)


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