[Coco] emulator speeds(was "Parts is parts")

David golgotha at toughguy.net
Fri Apr 1 19:08:48 EST 2005

RJRTTY at aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 4/1/05 12:37:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
>KnudsenMJ at aol.com writes:
><< Thanks for the tip.  ISTR trying to run Kiel's emulator on my Win98  box, 
> it blue-screened.  I suspect you have to boot into straight DOS to  make it 
> work. >>
>      Nope,  you dont have to start it from a DOS screen or window but it
>does switch to a DOS screen even if you start from a short-cut desktop
>icon.     I suspect you had a problem with properties settings or
>something of that nature.  I use Win 98 on all the machines I use to run it.
>       That emulator is EASY and intuitive to use.   Sorta like the coco
>itself was back in the day.    It comes with graphical representations of
>equipment attached such as disk drives and MPI.   The disk drives
>have the label of the floppy disk inserted displayed on the
>graphic.   The multipak interface has the name of the cartridge inserted
>(if any) showing in each slot.    Maybe I shouldn't say this too loud
>but the cd or download comes complete with all the required rom images.
>( I hope that don't get anybody in trouble)
I never could get this emulator to read/write real coco floppies via my 
5 1/4 inch drive - the specs of DMK's emulator says it can do so, but no 
documentation ever said how - can you shed any light on it?


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