[Coco] Using Disk EDTASM

Shawn M. Hedgecorth smh1 at wi.rr.com
Thu Apr 7 03:26:31 EDT 2005



I am just beginning to learn assembly language. I recently acquired Disk
EDTASM+ and have had William Barden's book for some time now.  So far, I
have entered the first program listed in Bill's book, assembled it in
memory, and it does exactly what is expected. I have also assembled it to
disk. This is where I am having some confusion. I can execute the program
just fine using the TRSDOS that comes with EDTASM, but if I try from DECB,
the computer just hangs. It seems as though the only way I can execute it
from DECB is to use it as a user defined subroutine. Is this the way it is
supposed to be?  


I was also wondering if there was an easy fix for using non-Tandy printers
with EDTASM. I remember when dot matrix printers were common, it was usually
a matter of setting a dip switch on the printer so that the printer would
interpret a CR as a CR/LF, but those handy little switches aren't found on
modern printers. The output I am getting right now is all the text on one




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