[Coco] Re: CoCo 3 to VGA

Bob theother_bob at yahoo.com
Sun May 23 05:18:54 EDT 2004

--- Shawn Hedgecorth <shedgecorth at wi.rr.com> wrote:
> All this talk about interlacing, although interesting, is irrelevant. You
> would only be concerned about it if you were using the TV or Composite video
> outputs. <snip> the CM-8 is non-interlaced. 
> That should make the process of designing a scan-doubler circuit easier.

Right, we *could* get away with just a line doubler as someone said.
That would be good for a minimalist approach but I'd still include a composite
input on my wish list for such a device, for two reasons:

1) I still prefer to see my old PMODE artifacts in color, especially games.
2) Software developers need to take both palettees into account. Sure, you can
use a lookup table to convert, but I still like to know exactly what the end
user is going to see.

I see room for both though... a dirt cheap line doubler specifically for the
CoCo3 (I'd buy one) and a full blown scan doubler with the entire
retro-computing and arcade/console gaming communities as a virtually untapped
market. I don't understand why none of the monitor manufacturers realize
this... entertainment is *the* industry.


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