[Coco] HDB-DOS 1.1 IDE Bug

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Wed May 19 20:04:23 EDT 2004

> Allen Huffman: I believe this is the problem that you were 
> encountering on Saturday night.
> I have a fix in place as HDB-DOS 1.1A and will be making it available 
> soon.  I'll post the details at that time.

Aha!  I haven't completely lost all my OS-9 knowledge, whew!  I'll be 
waiting -- still trying to move my KenTon data over to the CF card, but 
no luck -- both drivers don't like to co-exist.  I guess I need a basic 
(slow) brane dead KenTon driver that handles 512 byte sectors.


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