[Coco] HDB-DOS 1.1 IDE Bug

Boisy G. Pitre boisy at boisypitre.com
Wed May 19 00:05:10 EDT 2004

HDB-DOS 1.1 users, please take note:

I have located a particularly nasty bug in HDB-DOS 1.1 that will 
consistently wipe out LSN1 of a NitrOS-9 partition when running the 
LINK.BAS program.  To avoid this bug, DO NOT RUN LINK.BAS on an IDE 
hard drive!  Doing so will WIPE OUT LSN1, which is part of the file 
allocation map.  Subsequent writes to the IDE disk will then cause 
major disk corruption!

The downside of this is that those NitrOS-9 users who wish to boot 
completely from their IDE drives CANNOT, and a NitrOS-9 boot floppy IS 
REQUIRED to boot safely to the IDE drive.

This bug only affects the IDE version of HDB-DOS 1.1.  The SCSI version 
of HDB-DOS does not have this bug.

Allen Huffman: I believe this is the problem that you were encountering 
on Saturday night.

I have a fix in place as HDB-DOS 1.1A and will be making it available 
soon.  I'll post the details at that time.


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