[Coco] Re: A Lot of questions

Richard E. Crislip rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Thu May 13 07:50:22 EDT 2004

Hello grantkcmo75

On 05/13/04, grantkcmo75 wrote:
> Hello everyone.  I hope all is going well for everyone.  I have 
> finally found EBay and purchased a lot of COCO stuff trying to build 
> my 
> collection.  It is fun to get back into the old COCO's.  I have some 
> questions I hope you can help me with.
Welcome back.

> 1.  The COCO Fest this weekend I have been debating driving up there 
> from Kansas City, but I not sure what it is all about.  Will people 
> be selling stuff there?

> 2.  How do I download program from the internet on my PC and get 
> them over to the COCO?
The best way I know of is to download Jeff Vavasour's CoCo emulator. It's
free, he released it to the public domain a couple years ago. It has been
improved by a fellow named John Collyer. But you need to use a Win98 system
because It wants to touch the hardware and the newer versions of Windows
(starting with NT) will not allow that.

> 3.  Where can I buy 5 1/4 disk and tapes for the COCO.  They are 
> very hard to find here.

I have a Shoe box full of 5.25 disk I can bring to the fest if you'll be
> 4.  I got a Multi Pak for the COCO's, but it does not work on the 
> COCO 3.  I remember this issue back in theday, but I do not know if 
> it can be fixed.
A PAL chip upgrade is necessary. Mark of Cloud Nine has the chips. He will
be there.
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