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From: Tony Podraza <tonypodraza at lightfirst.com>
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 I'm afraid that net transmission is something beyond my skills or time
constraints, but if anyone else would like to set it up, please feel free to
do so.  



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From: Aaron Banerjee
Date: 05/02/04 19:09:58
To: Tony Podraza
Subject: Re: [Coco] CoCo Fest

Unfortunately, I can't be at the Cocofest this year. I had planned on
going, but had some "stuff" (e.g. divorce, etc) get in the way.
Nevertheless, I've got something that might be interesting to the people
who can make it.
Will you have anyone with internet (specifically telnet -- any browser
should be able to do it) access? I've ported my typing program over from
coco to my linux box and wouldn't mind having some people enter their
typing samples. I realize doing this would be somewhat erratic due to the
internet connection -- I'd be using a dial-up on this end, but so long as
everyone used the same computer, it would tell something...
Even though I have a dial-up, when I connect, I'll e-mail the IP address
that is assigned to me. a telnet nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn from a unix shell or a
"telnet://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn" from a browser will connect you directly to my
box ("nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn" is the number that I will be assigned). I'll have
complete instructions -- best to have a unix person around, though. The
program isn't very user-friendly.
If you're interested, let me know.
- Aaron

On Sun, 2 May 2004, Tony Podraza wrote:

> HEY!
> Do y'all see the days till the FEST!?
> If anyone is planning on coming as an exhibitor and has not yet informed
> please do so immediately.
> We're trying to put together a brochure of some sort, but we would like
> the exhibitors to be listed. Deadline is this coming Wednesday for the
> brochure.
> PLEASE contact us.
> Thanks.
> By the way,
> Add one to the current list of Confirmed Exhibitors!
> Welcome with me, Karl Sefcik of Bargeman Research Labs!!!:
> Cloud-9
> FWD Computing
> Luckey Corner
> Dave & Sue Poitras
> Hawksoft
> Malcolm Cleveland
> Bargeman Research Labs
> Kenneth Baker
> Glenside

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