[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Lower case

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Mon Apr 26 03:05:16 EDT 2004

> I heard the rumour that some late Coco II had lowercase. True ?
Yes. There were some Korean made CoCo2s with model numbers like
26-3127B, 26-3136B which had lowercase.

>From the table you posted:

&HFF22 (Bits 0-7)

Bit 3: switch to orange screen
Bit 4: switch to lowercase char set
Bit 5: switch to inverted screen
Bit 6: switch to light border

Imagine you want an orange screen with light border and lowercase, you
have to set the bits 3,4 and 6. You could do that with the following


Of course other combinations are possible beside having an inverted
screen with light border I think.


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