[Coco] CASM Cross Assembler V3.0 Alpha

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Fri Apr 9 17:31:08 EDT 2004

On 4/9/2004, "Roger Taylor" <rtaylor at bayou.com> wrote:

>I assumed your -raw option was meant to assemble the file as pure code and
>not a LOADMable file with origin headers, etc.
>CCASM's -nr option (no records) does just that.  Any reserved memory
>(RMB's) are converted to filler data.
>Portal-9 lets you choose from a drop-down listbox what format to assemble
>files in...
>  multi-record (LOADMable, multiple ORGs)
>  single-record (LOADMable, but only one ORG)
>  no records (ROM-like image, any size)
>If you can give me the options that your assembler might use for supporting
>those formats, I can have Portal-9 working with it in a matter of
>minutes.  I already have the -bin to equal multi-record, and -raw to equal
>no-records, but that was just from guessing.

-bin causes CASM to generate single or multi record files depending on
the size of the output file. Each record can be up to 32k before it
starts a new record. I'm in the process of updating it to allow for a
full 64k record. I know that some of the CoCo assemblers like Macro-80c
and Edt/Asm 64, and Edt/Asm III used to generate multiple record with
128 to 256 bytes per record depending on the assembler.

The formats that are implemented or are planned are as follows:

-bin    - RS-DOS binary
-rom    - Padded ROM file
-os9    - OS-9 module (via mod directive)
-raw    - raw binary output (same as -rom but with no padding)
-s19    - Motorola S Record format (historical legacy)
-mod    - Shared library module
-noout  - Disables the creation of the output file (used for debugging)

Currently the -rom option relies on -romsize in order to specify a size
other than 8k. The next release will change this and use the CCASM
syntax of -rom[=size]

The following formats are planned but not completed:

-rof    - RMA relocatable object file (ROF)
-erof   - Extended ROF (dependant on ROF support)

Some other options are:

-6309         - Enable 6309 opcodes
-I=directory  - Add directory for includes/lib/use
-O=directory  - Set the output directory
-D=label      - Define label
-C            - Use case sensative labels (dunno if this still works)
-N            - Sets the output name

Some of the options are legacy and may or may not work. I'm revamping
all of the options for the next release and quite a few have been added
including fixes for several of the listing output options for using CASM
as a preprocessor to output source with expanded macros.


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